Thursday, June 24, 2010

Inaugaral Book: Women, Food and God

Title: Women, Food and God
Author: Geneen Roth

From the Cover:
"A hugely important work, a life-changer, one that will free untold women from the tyranny of fear and hopelessness around their bodies" - Anne Lamott, author of Grace (Eventually): Thoughts on Faith

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  1. So my husband has this habit. Yes, yes, I know, Geneen Roth. I'm getting there. So, I can spend weeks working through something and come to a realization (!) and I tell my husband about it. I go on and on, and he just nods. I get a bit worked up. Finally, I stop. He thinks for a few seconds, maybe a minute, and then says, "I've never really thought about it before. That seems to make sense."

    He's never thought about it before, but when I explain it to him, it's like it was always self evident. That's what Geneen Roth has done in this book. She's worked through a lot of stuff we already know if we ever really think about it, and she's brought it to us in such an easily-read, loving way that I didn't feel like I had to turn away from it to feel safe.

    I was moved to tears, many times. I don't admit that easily, because "that kind" of book - self help, woman-help - generally doesn't live up to the rave reviews I hear from other women.

    This one lives up. It can be read on a skim for those who have worked through most of this before and need the reminders, because they are so beautifully provided. It can also be a powerful awakening tool, I believe, and I intend to share it and see how that goes.

    There were many times that I let this book speak to me and soothe me through the grief that I, too, need to heal. Ms. Roth's voice is so honest and familiar that it feels stuffy not to just refer to her as Geneen.

  2. in case you missed my succinct posts on the "Thelma ahem-And Louise Bookclub" page, i'm gonna be tearing down walls for the next few days, so will be chiming in late. i will say, by way of introduction, that this book leapt off the shelf into my hands, and that very night, our mrswhich (lew-ease) tweeted about it. get outta here, i said to her, i just started reading that very same book. then i asked mrsmediocrity herself if she'd read it and she said no, so i told her to go shopping and we'd do a book club. i just tweeted, mrswhich did all the work.

    anyway, less than 24 hours ago, another online friend of ours mentioned reading this book and i told her that we had a pick-up book club going and asked did she want to join, and she said sure, how do i do that and i said i don't know cause we haven't gotten that far. then i get home today, and there's an email from mrswhich (who didn't even know about this particular conversation, complete with run-on punctuationless sentences) saying she's up and got us rolling.

    so this is taking on a whole new perspective for me. kinda gives me goosebumps.

    plus - oh, lord, i almost forgot this part: 2 days this week, i spent snatches of time taking notes from the book into my computer.

    so, see? this is meant to be.

    and i'll be back with some specific book fare soon. well, not really soon on account of i'm gonna' be tearing down walls, but first of next week anyway. miss me, okay?

  3. This book is like a key that's gently, fully slipped into a lock that I was unable to open on my own. Will comment more as I can. Busy, deadline day today. So glad you started this wise woman book club. Thanks for including me.

  4. ohmyword, what a name for a book club! love, love, love it!

    Ah, this book..

    It seems like Geneen

    (i agree about calling her Geneen -- the book is a let's-sit-down-at-the-kitchen-table-and-chat kinda book --so Ms. Roth - blooey. It's Geneen - OR hon -ok, that might be taking it too far)

    nails down that truth about how we do anything is how we do everything. Very helpful for me to keep reminding myself of that - anyway, I'd love to be part of the Thelma and Louise book club discussion about Women, Food and God -- I'm wondering if we just pipe in or whether someone's going to throw questions out or or or??

    oh, just read a post on your blog, MrsWhich, where you mentioned God stuff (or non-God stuff) -- wanted to say I was thrilled to find that Geneen's God-talk was open -- kinda 12 steppy "your Higher Power, however you see that..."

    looking forward to this

  5. I like that - how we do anything is how we do everything. I've thought about that in terms of kids and food. There are the kids who eat all the veggies first so they can enjoy the rest of the meal, and those who put them off until last and then either try to get out of eating them, or suffer through the commitment. I've observed, in a limited way, that these characteristics carry through into how they approach the balance between play and responsibility. Play patterns develop into life patterns - at least, mine did.

    (Please, jump in! there are 3 of us currently "authors" but we're all pretty busy - this is more of an open forum kind of thing. We haven't planned it out - it's spontaneous, see-where-it-goes. we can help each other explore)

  6. I feel like I'm the kid who doesn't have the candy bar and everyone else does. I have to go out and buy this book just so I can know what everyone is talking about...

  7. Today I tried to tell my sister about this book, and she is 2/3 of the way through it at home! It's everywhere. I wonder if that's what caused the earthquake - a seismic shift in consciousness as a critical mass of women wake up.

  8. Aloha and mahalo to Mrswhich for tweeting to me re this book-club! I simply LOVED this book.
    I picked it up as I thought it would give me some insight as to what my clients were reading. Lo and behold I found not only my clients in this book but myself. So here I am naked and aware.
    Doing a second read now taking notes to use with clients (and myself).
    Great book and an perhaps auspicious choice for the book-club launch!

  9. Well I sneaked in here from Molly Campbell's blog and see that you all are very busy reading. Just wanted to tell mrs mediocrity that I just love the comment she made over there about serving dinner in her pajamas!

    I need to buy a cute pair so I can do that, too. :)

    Um. Sorry for interrupting the reading. I'll tiptoe out, shall I?

  10. Started rereading to make notes (with post its) so I can reference for clients and well the book is now a sea of florescent pink paper! back to reading...

  11. Marisa - no sneaking required - welcome!

    I'm so glad to hear from the people who are mid-read - feel free to chime in even if you're not finished, or when you are. That's what's so lovely about this forum - we can read and comment at our own pace.

  12. This book is on my wish list at

  13. i just wrote a review on this for a christian newspaper... incredible book. so good.

  14. yes, sounds intriguing. i have heard roth can write.

  15. tTis sounds like a fascinating book.

  16. One fine day I'll make time to read more, but for now that wish is on the list in my 'bucket'. The longer it stays there, the longer I live, right?

    (Something tells me that does not form a valid syllogism--grin!)

    BTW, mediocre, you are NOT!

    Thanks for visiting


  17. Sounds good, I'll go to Amazon and check it out!